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Our Synod Authorized Minister Wilma Garing was ordained as our Pastor on December 3, 2022

The Synod had appointed Wilma Garing as a SAM acting as a part time pastor for Good Shepherd.

She has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian studies from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ

She has enrolled in Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley Ca., in the Teem Program (Theological Education for Emerging Ministries).  

This is what Wilma said when she was asked what she wanted the congregation to know: 

I felt God calling me to serve in ministry when I was 13 years old when on youth Sunday, I​ preached part of the sermon at Good shepherd.  I am excited to be at Good Shepherd as my first church to serve God in ministry as it all started here for me.


I began my education for ministry about twenty-five years ago and completed two years of college.  Although my full-time job prevented me from completing my four-year degree, the call from God to serve Him in ministry weighed heavy on my heart.  It was after my husband, Ron, and I were both sick a few years ago and God gave each of us another chance at life, I said, "OK God, thank you for these blessings”. I will complete my education and answer Your call to serve You in ministry.

Wilma has finished her schooling and has final approval from the Candidacy committee to be ordained. She was called by Good Shepherd Lutheran to be their part time pastor and was ordained on December 3rd.

We welcome her wholeheartedly.



Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was formed in 1937 as the 12th Lutheran congregation in Chatham and Effingham counties, and the first church built in Garden City. The founding pastor was the Rev. John Koch, Jr. The groundbreaking for the church building was held on May 23, 1937.  A Sunday School and Parish Building was completed in 1949.

What do Lutherans Believe?

Lutherans still hold to the basic principles of theology and practice espoused by Martin Luther:, Grace Alone. Faith alone. Scripture Alone.


  • We are saved by the grace of God, not by anything we do. But we respond to God’s unfailing love with gratitude toward God and in service to our neighbors.

  • God comes to meet us in the person of Jesus Christ. Faith is given by God so that we might believe that Christ gave his life to erase our sins. That faith allows us to trust in that promise of God, and to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

  • The Holy Scripture is God-given, and is the only true standard by which belief, teaching and doctrine can be judged; and should be applied with prayer and deep humility.

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